Popular Questions

The use of Securmo app is a piece of cake. Simply create an account, select a guard around you and view their profile as well as reviews. Confirm and pay. That’s it!

Each guard will have its own prices on the platform. You can select the one that is closer to your budget and hire them right away!

Absolutely. We examine and verify the documents of every guard during the hiring process. We will give proper training to them before they become available on the app.

We always provide proper training to our guards regarding the safest and most effective ways to safeguard you and your family.

Easily sign up through our website, provide all necessary licenses and documentation and undergo professional security training with Securmo staff.

Securmo can provide protection for yourself, your home, your business meetings, family gatherings, parties, etc.

Mobility. Speed of Service. Complete Safety.

Proper communication is knowledge, and knowledge can be crucial in dangerous situations.

You know who you are hiring, their previous experiences, and their impressions. You can choose based on location even, so you can opt for a guard in close proximity.

Striving for a safer environment for our own family and community made us think on a larger scale. We want to offer solutions to everyone so they have options for their protection anytime they need it.

The future looks bright! We hope to offer a sustainable and more efficient alternative to hiring private guards. Soon, added safety would be widely accessible at the tip of your finger.

There is an alarming increase in criminality in certain cases and we hope to halt that trend. By providing adequate protection to people that need it the most, we hope to prevent and halt such cases.

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